I'm so glad you are here.

Whether you have been planning a wedding since you were a child or are just now thinking about how your day will be, I know what an exciting time this is for you to be planning! I appreciate that you are considering Legacy Photo to be your photographer. Each one of my clients is unique, so my photography is based on an a la carte approach that can be tailored to suit your needs.

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Your Experience with Legacy Photo

Although it is easy to say I specialize in wedding photography, it is more difficult to further define my style with just a few words that will resonate with you. There are endless terms that I can label myself, but what does it all really mean? The truth is I love what I do, like most photographers. But I don’t want to be “just the photographer” or just another vendor who gets booked simply to check off a box on your ever-growing to-do list. I want to help make the day memorable in the very best way. To deliver a consistent experience to each and every one of my clients that transcends beyond the wedding day itself. I want to be the vendor who stands out from the rest and creates a connection so happily unexpected that you didn’t even know was possible. So that when the wedding is over, the music stops playing, and the cake is all eaten, you’ll have the memories not just shown in your photos but of how the whole experience I provided – from the very beginning to the very end – made you feel. My role as a photographer is about living in the moment. Your moment. I am documenting the first days in your new family’s history. If you choose an album, I am also helping create your first family heirloom that will be cherished for generations. That’s a heavy responsibility for a photographer, which is why I work hard to exceed every expectation.

Showcasing You

I want to showcase your love and happiness. To get all those shots you expect along with ones that you don’t. I know it’s awkward to be in front of a camera lens and have it focused on you for extended periods of time. That you’re probably nervous and not sure what you should be doing. So that’s where the experience of a good photographer is critical. While I would much rather be an unobtrusive documentarian than act as an event director on your wedding day, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve if needed to guide you through any unsure moments and draw out reactions that will help us create those perfect shots! But it doesn’t just end with a camera click. I want you to be comfortable at every point. Every time we meet, every time we talk, and every time we photograph because comfort leads to trust. And trust leads to relaxation. And when it comes time for you to be in photos, relaxation leads to freedom for you to be exactly who you are and it gives you the most genuine images possible. And when you look back on your photos in 15 years, I want you to feel the same awe and strength of emotion as you did when the images were first created.

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